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Urashiki Otsutsuki already made his debut in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 53. He is absolutely unknown and new character for us and we know nothing about him, but in today’s post, I want to talk about Urashiki Otsutsuki and The unknow backstory of Urashiki Otsutsuki.

Urashiki Otsutsuki’s Backstory

In today’s post, I will not talk about his powers and abilities. I will do it later, but now I want to talk about his unknown past and backstory and I hope all of you will enjoy it.

Otsutsuki Clan and Rinnegan

In the fight against Toneri, Urashiki noted that he didn’t have the authorization to kill a fellow clan member, which makes me think that in Otsutsuki clan, there are a rank system or upper and lower class.

Also, another thing which makes me think that there is a ranking system is that the fact that we know, all of the Otsutsukies are born with Byakugan, not with Rinnegan. they gain Rinnegan after eating Chakra Fruit because think about it, Kaguya did not have a Rinnegan before eating Chakra Fruit and maybe this is a reason why Kinshiki had only Byakugan.

Also, one of the most notable thing about Otsutsukies is their appearance. Most people just ignore while it can tell us many things about the character itself.

Differences in Horns Between Kaguya and Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Let’s start with their Horns. The horns of Urashiki Otsutsuki grow from the back of his head and they cover his forehead. Kinshiki had a longhorn above his left eye and Momoshiki’s head was adorned with a pair of flat, curved horns which resembled bulls horns.

Unlike them, Kaguya did not have horns until consuming Chakra Fruit and after doing it, she grew two brown horns that stuck out from her head and a third eye formed in the center of her forehead. This makes me think that Otsutsukies get horns after consuming Chakra Fruit.

Many of you probably will ask, if horns are caused by Chakra Fruit, does not it mean that Kinshiki has also consumed it? And if he did, why does not he has Rinnegan like Kaguya and Momoshiki? Well, I think I have the answer to these questions.

Kaguya’s Rinne Sharingan and Momoshiki’s Rinnegan.

In my opinion, there are different Chakra Fruits. We have seen Momoshiki who has consumed several Chakra Fruits, but unlike Kaguya, he did not have Rinne Sharingan. As I said, Kaguya got it after eating Chakra Fruit and her horns were almost the same as Momoshiki’s but only difference was that Momoshiki’s horns look like horns and Kaguya’s whose resembled rabbit ears. Kaguya was very lucky because her Chakra Fruit granted her much more power than the normal one does.

And also, if we look at Momoshiki and Urashiki, they have exactly the same dots on their Forehead, while Kaguya had something different and Kinshiki did not have it. I think it means something, but what? I don’t know exactly, but write your opinions about it in the comments.

Unknown Backstory of Urashiki Otsutsuki.

Well, he is based on Urashima Taro, who was a young fisherman who rescued a turtle from children who were playing with it. After this, he was invited to the sea palace by sea princess to thank him. Our boy visited that palace and lived there for 3 years. In other versions, during this time, he and sea princess married, but after years, he missed his parents, family, and friends and decided to return home.

Before he left the palace, princess gave him a box and told him to never open it. After he returned home, he could not find anyone who was familiar and he asked if they had known Urashima Taro and they replied that Urashima Taro went to the sea 300 years ago and did not return yet. He was in terrible depress and decided to open the box which sea princess gave him.

We don’t have any official ending of this story because all of the tellings has its different ending but in the most popular version in that he became 300 years old and died instantly. The name of the box s tamatebako which can be Urashiki’s special/secret technique of like our hero, it can be his weakness.

Otsutsuki Clan Members.

Now let’s continue talking about the upper class and lower class. It seems like that Otsutsukies consume their predecessor, in order to gain more power. We have seen Momoshiki, who was absorbed his father, Kinshiki in order to gain power and capabilities to fight back Naruto and Sasuke and we also remember that Kinshiki absorbed his predecessor, in order to gain more power. So, we can assume that there is one upper who is a dominant and second lower class who serves dominant.

Urashiki Otsutsuki’s relationship with Otsutsuki Elders.

And if we look at Urashiki, he seems to be the guy who works alone. He doesn’t have any partner and this makes me think that he is a member of other class of Otsutsukies and he probably works directly under Otsutsuki elders.

And as I said, he is based on Urashima Taro, who had a very close relationship with sea queen, based on this, we can assume that like Urashimataro, Urashiki also has some very close relationship with high ranking Otsutsuki clan members.

Anyway, this is all for today. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. What do you think about it? Tell me your theories and opinions in the comments down below. I will be happy to read it and keep visiting ANIMES-KINGDOM.COM for more awesome theories. And follow me on FB and join our FB group to be part of our Anime family.


My name is Harry. You can call me Harry San :). I love writing about Anime especially Boruto and Naruto Anime. Hope you enjoy my posts!!

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