REVEALED: Gaara’s New Hidden Powers In Boruto


Hello guys !! Hope you all are doing well. In today’s post, I wanna talk about Gaara and his hidden and unknown abilities which most of you probably did not know. Pls read until the end, but before we start you can join our FB group to be part of our family and add me on FB. So, without further delay let us begin.

Let’s start our discussion about Gaara and his hidden and unknown abilities.

Gaara was one of my favorite characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. He was one of the main characters in Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and he’s an important character in Boruto as well. Being the Kazekage, he will be the focus of many arcs to come. He, was extremely powerful when he was a kid and his powers were tremendous, to begin with.

However, then the Akatsuki came and he had to sacrifice himself to protect his village and because of that, he lost Shukaku. Gaara losing the Tailed Beast obviously meant that he becomes weaker. Not considerably, since he rarely used Shukaku’s powers, but he still got a lot weaker than before and it also affected on his chakra reserves and speed.

But despite all of that, he did not stop there. He became a lot stronger than before and right now, Gaara is one of the strongest characters of Boruto, the strongest Kage after Naruto and the strongest Kazekage who has ever lived.

It is said that Gaara awakened new powers after the Ninja War. And because of the bloodline of the Kazekage clan, These powers were passed down. For those of you who don’t know much about it, Gaara is the son of Rasa, the 4th Kazekage, who held the powers of Magnet Release which is the Kekki Genkai of Kazekage Clan.

Rasa had 3 children, But all of them couldn’t awaken the powers of Magnet Release. However, none did. And when Naruto Series was finished, even Gaara didn’t get Magnet Release. However, this changed after the war.

We all know that Gaara can control sand, but most of you didn’t know that was because of Shukaku’s sand manipulation powers. Not because of any Kekki Genkai. For some reason, he was able to use it even after losing Shukaku and I really wonder why does it mean that he was still possessing Shukaku’s chakra, despite it being removed from his body.

Anyway, right now, Gaara has a new secret weapon. The Sparkling Metallic Sand. It is supposed to be made of a highly dense material, and He only uses it in case he was very weak as a last resort. We haven’t really seen this power in action yet, but I hope we will see it soon because I’m dying to see what Gaara has in store.

Gaara used this Kekki Genkai in his Novel. We know from Gaara Hiden, that Gaara has inherited Magnet Release from his father. He manipulates a dense “Sparkling Metallic Sand”. He can either use this technique instead of his usual sand or combine it with the sand in order to fortify it. I hope we will see Gaara using this ability.

Next to Hidden Power, Gaara might possess Gold Dust, was used by the Fourth Kazekage. The Kazekage developed this technique’s use specifically to counter Shukaku’s Jinchuriki because the Gold Dust is much heavier than the Jinchuriki’s sand. When Rasa uses it, he gets black rings around his eyes, and Gaara also has similar rings around his eyes.

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Gaara inherited this Kekki Genkai from his father, after defeating him. He has only used it in the battle against the 2nd Mizukage. He has not used Gold Dust after this, but I think we can pretty much assume that he can use this Kekki Genkai and has mastered it after the Great Ninja War when he had more time to develop himself and his powers.

Another hidden ability, which most of you probably did not know is his connection with Shukaku. No, I am not saying that he is Jinchuriki of Shukaku again, or something like that. I am saying that he is like Pseudo-Jinchuriki of it. I mean, Gaara is connected to Shukaku in the same way that Naruto is connected to all the 9 Tailed Beasts. So just like Naruto can ask them for chakra, He can do the same, making him a pseudo-Jinchuriki of the One-Tail.

This guy is just a monster in Boruto. After Naruto and Sasuke, he was the one who gave the most trouble to fused Momoshiki. I don’t know why but people still think that Gaara is weak af. While he is definitely not! He is the strongest Kazekage and one of the strongest Shinobi who has ever lived! He is one of my favorite characters and I hope we will see more of him in Boruto.

Anyway, this is all for today. What do you think about this post? What will be the hidden powers of Gaara in Boruto? Tell me your theories and opinions in the comments down below. I will be happy to read it and keep visiting ANIMES-KINGDOM.COM for more awesome theories. And follow me on FB and join our FB group to be part of our Anime family.


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