Boruto Manga Chapter 31 – Kashin Koji And Delta VS Naruto


After we read Boruto Manga chapter 30 and discuss it, we could have some information about Kashin Koji and Delta, and in today’s post, I will discuss the fight between Kashin Koji and Delta VS Naruto. Pls read until the end, but before we start you can join our FB group to be part of our family and add me on FB. So, without further delay let us begin.

Boruto next generation manga

In Boruto chapter 30, the character of Delta was shown very well. Her body has been enhanced greatly by Shinobi-Ware to an even seemingly greater degree than Ao’s were to the point where she had become a full cyborg. On her back, she keeps a drone for spying purposes, which can go through the normal chakra barriers around villages undetected since it doesn’t use chakra.

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Not only that, she can modify her legs for high-speed travel, creating practical rocket legs similar to those used by the Asura Path. Her modifications also grant her tremendous raw strength able to casually grind her fingers through the trunk of a sturdy tree.

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She also appears to be quite impatient, growing angrier and angrier when Kashin Koji was taking too long while looking for Kawaki in Konoha. She also seems confident of her own abilities, openly confronting Kawaki while in the company of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and being unfazed while standing face-to-face with him.

Shortly, we learned many things about her in Boruto Manga chapter 30. Boruto Manga chapter 30 was very good, to be honest, besides Delta, the most interesting topic in Boruto Manga Chapter 30 was probably Boruto Uzumaki who upon performing the Seal of Reconciliation with Kawaki following a sparring session to practice using Karma, witnessed a momentary vision of Momoshiki and his right hand throbbed with pain, then spontaneously healed the injuries he sustained during the match.

Boruto Manga spoilers

Boruto Manga chapter 31 spoilers

Now let’s talk about Boruto Manga chapter 31. The preview of that chapter says: “An assault by Delta, A formidable Foe!! “Konoha” VS “Kara”: Their battle for Kawaki begins. So based on this preview, we can pretty much say that huge battle in Boruto Manga Chapter 31 is inevitable, we will finally see Delta and more interestingly Kashin Koji into action and I really wonder meeting between Kashin Koji and Naruto.

It’s clear from the way she acts and how she talks that Delta believes herself to be above everyone else in terms of her standing. This arrogance even shows itself in the faceoff fighting Naruto, the person who had God-like power. Ideally, she should get the beat down that she deserves in the next chapter, but this is not guaranteed.

Depending on how dirty she plays, Delta might actually stand a chance of hurting Naruto. Plus, Naruto cannot go all-out, because he is still in the village (Just like he did with Momoshiki) and he has to worry about Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari getting caught in the crossfire. If he went all-out in the next chapter, the victory would be guaranteed for him.

I think Naruto will use one Shadow Clone to protect and escort Boruto and Kawaki to safety. Naruto may have his hands busy with Delta, while the clone may be stopped midway by Kashin Koji. This is where things will start getting rough because Kashin Koji may fight the clone of Naruto and try to take possession of either Boruto Uzumaki or Kawaki. I think he will succeed in taking one of them with him and I hope he will take Boruto because it would be better for the plot in my opinion.

Plus, preview said Konoha VS Kara, not only Naruto VS Kara and based on that, we can pretty much assume, that Naruto will not fight alone. Other Konoha Jonins, including Ino and maybe Boruto and Kawaki, will help him against Kashin Koji and Delta. I also won’t be surprised if any outer member of Kara joined Delta and Kashin Koji in the battle against Konoha.

Boruto Manga release date

Boruto Manga chapter 31 release date

In any case, the next chapter is gonna be really interesting, which will be officially released on January 28, 2019. I’m really excited to see what’s gonna happen, what about you?

where can I read Boruto manga

There are a lot of websites that you can read Manga on. I personally read Manga on VIZ. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Anyway, this is all for today. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. What do you think about Boruto Manga chapter 31? Tell me your theories and opinions in the comments down below. I will be happy to read it and keep visiting ANIMES-KINGDOM.COM for more awesome theories. And follow me on FB and join our FB group to be part of our Anime family.


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