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Boruto MANGA Chapter 31 – Naruto VS Delta


Hello guys, in today’s post, I wanna talk about Boruto manga chapter 31, but before starting this post, I want to remind you all that this post contains some spoilers from Boruto Manga chapter 31 and this post is for the people who can’t read Manga, so without further delay let’s begin.

Kara Naruto

Organic Dinosaur ( translator of spoilers) says that the title was given furigana as ‘Bakemono’ instead of correct natural reading of ‘Kaibutsu’ for the kanji she hasn’t skimmed far enough to know what that means…yet.

Naruto VS Delta

Delta’s taijutsu is very quick. Nice opening kick sequence. Naruto took advantage early on, slamming Delta to the ground and Delta’s eyeball negates Naruto’s Rasengan. It seems one of the powers of Delta is an ability to absorb Ninjutsu (?)

Delta took her cloak off and now her boot (leg) is a weird hoof-shape. It reminded me of body transformation of Kawaki. Which is as Katasuke described a work of art, as advanced as the prosthetic arm he designed for Naruto Uzumaki, if not more so.

Manga Boruto

Naruto did get clean stabbed by Delta in the abdomen. She’s stepping on him. She even took out the spike for him.

Delta seems to have a similar chakra cloak as Naruto. Unsurprisingly, the Rasengan came back out from her eyeball. Naruto countered in time.

Naruto VS Kara

Many people wonder if she has Dojutsu or not. Well, it doesn’t seem to be her intrinsic Dojutsu or something like that. Her entire body is basically made of scientific ninja weapons. She says so herself after Naruto comments on her eyes and legs.

Boruto Anime Manga

Delta caught Naruto being soft on her. He was playing along to extract intel by pretending to be dying. There was not any new technique in this chapter, even when Delta and Naruto battle more seriously at the end of Boruto manga chapter 31, it’s in taijutsu aside from the first Rasengan. OD felt like they were evenly matched in the second round.

Boruto Manga

The most interesting lines to translate came from Delta. She says that she’ll kill Naruto, but then rescinds her words. (She literally goes something like “Let me retract what I said earlier”) Instead, she says that she will tear him apart alive…limb-by-limb.

Boruto Manga Chapter 31

This is all of the spoilers we have right now, personally, I liked this chapter, but I really wonder where Kashin Koji is and what he is doing. OD has not mentioned him in the spoilers and due to that, we can pretty much assume that he was not in this chapter at all. Boruto manga chapter 31 was released in 2/25 and I hope we will see Kashin Koji in the next chapter.

Anyway, this is all for today. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. What do you think about Boruto Manga chapter 31? Tell me your theories and opinions in the comments down below. I will be happy to read it and keep visiting ANIMES-KINGDOM.COM for more awesome theories. And follow me on FB and join our FB group to be part of our Anime family.


My name is Harry. You can call me Harry San :). I love writing about Anime especially Boruto and Naruto Anime. Hope you enjoy my posts!!

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