Boruto Manga Chapter 29 – Naruto Vs Kashin Koji? – Kashin Koji finds Kawaki


Hello guys, in today’s post, I wanna talk about Boruto manga chapter 29 and the battle between Kashin Koji vs Naruto. Also, what might happen in Boruto Manga Chapter 30. Pls read until the end, but before we start you can join our FB group to be part of our family and add me on FB. So, without further delay let us begin.

Boruto Manga Chapter 29

Boruto Manga Chapter 29 starts with Kashin Koji landing in the middle of an alleyway, slipping his hood back on. At this time, Delta is still on the tree branch outside of the doors. She re-thinks what Kashin Koji told her about how the sensory unit detects outsiders. She thinks that Kashin Koji is somehow circumventing the system. She thinks that Kashin Koji actually had deceived her into believing his story. Now she’s unable to monitor him, too.

Kashin Koji Enters Konoha

Then the scene returns to Kashin Koji who walks in the streets of Konoha. He apologizes to Delta, but he says that this mission is his responsibility to deal with. A toad gets out from his pocket: It will do his job. After that, we won’t be able to see Kashin Koji for a while, because the next scene is about Uzumaki family.

Then there is the Uzumaki family moment. Naruto suggested Boruto do some shinobi sparring since he isn’t on a mission today. Boruto wanted to play a video game, but he said that he would go only if Naruto would be his sparring partner. Naruto also convinces Kawaki to tag alone by telling him that it’s an opportunity to get some research on his Karma Seal.

Next scene is sparring match between Naruto and Boruto. In this battler, Naruto did not go easy on Boruto, because he was interested to see how far Boruto’s training had come. Boruto rushed Naruto first in a short Taijutsu sequence, followed by producing three Shadow Clones. Naruto easily kicks back Boruto and dodges his attacks.

Suddenly, Kawaki intervenes. He tells Boruto to use his Karma. Kawaki tells him that not only will they learn more about it, but it’ll help them to figure out how to remove it. The first step is to be able to freely use it. Kawaki activates his seal, which automatically causes Boruto’s Karma to react and surface. The Karma appears on Boruto’s palm and all the way through his neck and eye, on the right side of Boruto’s body, like usual.

Kawaki says that it’s markedly clear from the get-go that it enhances physical strength and makes the wielder stronger and Naruto acknowledges this fact too. Then Naruto says that they’re better off testing it in training practice, rather than in actual combat.

Boruto Vs Naruto

Then the sparring match between Boruto and Naruto continues. Boruto uses Thunderclap Arrow in his left hand against Naruto. Then Naruto uses Kage Bunshin and sacrifices a clone to the attack and seemingly disappears. He re-emerges from behind of Boruto, and deals him a swift kick and ends this sparring match. He acknowledges that Boruto has gotten stronger due to training.

Next scene is a flashback of Kawaki and Jigen. Kawaki is already knocked back from the start. Jigen uses the same weapon that Kawaki has in the first episode in the battle against Boruto. Jigen commands Kawaki to get back up already. Kawaki is already huffing and looks exhausted. Kawaki looks desperately at his palm. Kawaki yells at Jigen to stop already. He’s had enough. He wants to have it removed from him.

Jigen told Kawaki that he had nothing, family, friends, power or talent. He told Kawaki that there was an empty “Hole” in his heart. It was not something that could be filled, regardless of what he would obtain, because it’d only come spilling out of that “Hole”. That’s why he gave him Karma. He said that there was only one thing that could fill the empty hole in Kawaki’s heart and that was the special seal.

Naruto And Kawaki

After that, we are back to Uzumaki residence, where Naruto and Kawaki have a conversation. Naruto asked him if he wanted to train next time for Ninjutsu, but Kawaki told him that it would be pointless, because he was not a shinobi, and that he could not manipulate chakra, but then Naruto explained him about chakra and told him that everybody has chakra inside them. It wasn’t something exclusively used by Ninja or just for Ninjutsu.

Kashin Koji Finds Kawaki

After that, the most interesting part of this chapter starts when Kawaki was standing in front of the door and stared at the glue bottle in his hand. A toad hopped up to the fence and stared intently at Kawaki. ELsewhere, Koji’s eyes were changed and they looked like Toad’s eyes. It seemed that Koji was remotely monitoring through the toad.

His eyes became almost the same as toads’ eyes, just like Jiraiya’s eyes when he was entering in Sage Mode. I am not saying it is confirmed that Kashin Koji is a user of Sage Mode, but I think this fact worths to think about it more and I will not be surprised if Koji was a user of Sage Mode. It would be also really cool to see a new user of the Sage Mode.

The only thing I was disappointed about in this chapter was that we were not able to see the meeting of Naruto and Kashin Koji, but we can pretty much assume that their meeting and battle will take place in the next chapter, which will be released on 22 December, before that we only speculate about this battle, and we will know more about that in Boruto Manga Chapter 30.

Anyway, this is all for today. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. What do you think about it? Tell me your theories and opinions in the comments down below. I will be happy to read it and keep visiting ANIMES-KINGDOM.COM for more awesome theories. And follow me on FB and join our FB group to be part of our Anime family.


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